We secured funding from the Commercial Investment board back in January to make that happen and since then we've been refactoring the code to work in a multi-tenanted SaaS (software as a service) environment, we've attended several Launchpad sessions and we've organised the design for its final form factor.

That form factor includes a bespoke stand from RA Systems, fabricated from British Steel, powder coated and made in such a way that it can be adapted to be wall mountied, desk mounted or floor mounted. The original stand we piloted with is a little unstable we've found.

DigiBook close up photo

Pictured here is the floor mounted option with it's optional extra label printer that can be purchased as an additional module. The 10 inch tablet sits perfectly in the enclosure with space alongside for an RFID module that can also be bought as an added extra.

In the innovation group this Wednesday, we'll be finalising the software design, applying branding as the Code Green DigiBook solution and then the sales and marketing work begins. We already have several potential customers lined up and of course our own buildings are already benefiting and have been for a few months.

DigiBook full length photo

Really pleased with how this has turned out so far.