TechTown Slide It was the first meeting we'd had since December but while it's been "quiet" for the group as a whole, there has been a whole lot of activity happening behind the scenes with individual parties!

Not least of which is the design and delivery of the new DMC2 building - which Ben Hawley described as the most creatively name building anywhere in the world (or something along those lines). Haha!

The idea behind DMC2 is that the Barnsley Digital Media Centre is at capacity right now in terms of being able to house new digital businesses . It's so popular as a venue in fact, that it even has a queue of businesses waiting to move in. Couple that with the businesses already in there growing and essentially, there's a demand for more space.

And so, previously known as The Core, DMC2 will be refurbished between now and March 2020 with floors 1, 2 and 3 being growing space for the DMC. There'll be a large makerspace included, plenty of coworking / hotdesking space and it sounds like most of the building is already let to tenants!

I'm excited for this - especially the makerspace as you might expect, but also the opportunities the building will create for being able to talk to experts from other companies - to share knowledge, to work on joint projects and to truly collaborate across sectors.

It also looks amazing! There is a flythrough of the new design on Vimeo that was shared with us and the attention to detail in it's fantastic. The video is marked "private" right now, so I can't share it, but I hope to be able to soon.