We're making good progress mobilising our internal team to run our Discovery project and in the interests of working in the open I wanted to quickly share some details.

I've engaged our internal Contracts & Commissioning team to support our application to the Digital Marketplace. We'll be making use of the Digital Specialist and Outcomes framework to secure a Delivery Manager. Our intent here is to work with someone who is familiar with running discovery projects to both run this project and educate our team to be able to run future ones.

In parallel to this, some of our internal team attended the GDS Agile for Teams workshop a couple of weeks ago and we're running a seperate Discovery project with them. Both of these exercises should give us a good handle on how to change the way we work for the future.

I've re-read through the Local Digital Fund Prospectus 2019/20 and noted the project outputs are due at the end of January 2020. That's 20 weeks from the date of the award. Assuming 4-6 weeks to secure a delivery manager, that leaves us up to 16 weeks for the delivery itself. I'm breaking that down as follows:

  • Week 01-06: Procure delivery manager
  • Week 07-15: Run investigative workshops
  • Week 16-20: Document outputs into reports

Obviously that will break down into a more granular plan over time, but that's the aspiration.

I'll share links to all of our documentation, starting with our marketplace requirements shortly.