Week 4 was what I'm going to refer to as procurement week! Having engaged our Contracts & Commissioning Team in week 2, they've subsequently involved our Corporate Procurement Team.

The reasoning behind that is that the value of the contract we're looking to award will be over £70K and so presumably that hits some sort of internal trigger. So, I've been engaged with Corporate Procurment for most of the week completing various document templates that outline the project and the need for us to bring in support. So far, I've completed and returned:

  • Procurement Event Approval Document for Research Consultant
  • Officer Decisions Recording Process
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment

Our colleagues in Corporate Procurement are taking the information from those documents to complete their own work and get our requirements uploaded to the Digital Marketplace - I'm hoping that happens really soon as time is ticking away quickly.

Aside from that I'm afraid there's been little progress. I mentioned in last week's lessons that the day job doesn't just immediately stop and true to that I've been swamped in other business.

I spent 2 days in Bridlington at the Humber Care Tech Challenge with a 5 person team that I'd pulled together, looking at how we could help sufferers of dementia and their carers. That was a really worthwhile event and I hope to attend future ones. I'll blog about that seperately though.

On to week 5.