Robyn joins us from Barnsley College, working 4 days a week split between my web team and our SAP team. On Monday's and Tuesday's she creates SAP programs using ABAP and on Wednesday's and Thursday's she builds websites and digital media tools. She spends her Friday's at college.

Before she joined us we'd discovered that she had a talent for developing websites and that she was keen to learn as much as possible during her time with us. As it happened, we needed a new website developing and it was the perfect task for a ground up training exercise. It covered HTML, CSS, JavaScript, design and layout work, familiarisation with Umbraco (our WCM of choice), logo creation and everything in between.

Robyn is now in her 8th week with us (so 16 days, or 3 working weeks) and so far she has wireframed her designs, adopted changes in response to critique from our in-house graphic designer, set up an empty Umbraco instance and began building the website in it AND she's developed a logo and brand identity for it.

Barnsley.Digital website design

I'm honestly blown away. Robyn's commitment and enthusiasm is infectious!

The website she's working on is a collaborative blog that we hope to use to showcase the digital economy in Barnsley. There are lots of fantastic digital projects happening across the borough and we want to provide an online space that can bring them all together.

Thanks to Matt Watson of Make Do Ltd who donated to us a very fitting domain name, we're calling it Barnsley.Digital which incidentally mirrors similar concepts in other cities and towns - see Croydon Digital and Gateshead Digital for example.

Barnsley.Digital brand identity

Robyn is due to be with us for some time yet and I'm very much looking forward to what else she'll be able to achieve. As her studies progress and her learning with us does too, she'll only improve further and further. Absolutely outstanding! Nice work Robyn!