Having set the terms and conditions of the group on June 5th, our first ever meeting was July 26th and we've subsequently then met every fortnight since.

To date that's 7 meetings, each one a day-long event and typically we've had between 3 and 5 attendees at them. People tend to drop in through the day as they can make it. Others pitch up early and stay for the duration.

At DLT I laid out the timeline of the meetings and details of the prototypes we've produced so far in a brief slideshow (I only had 15 minutes to present).

7 sessions, 4 products (see the slideshow for pics):

  • Covert security camera (Birdbox)
  • Building Access Manager (BAM)
  • Desk Occupancy Monitor (DOM)
  • Meeting Room Screens (MRS)

And we have a list of potential future items still to start on. All of this is before we've really promoted the group around the rest of the council. There'll be people outside of IT, in other departments who have ideas they want to prototype and test. We hope to see them at a future session.