I posted recently [about their rollout] (/20190307) in Westgate, Gateway and the Town Hall which is going so well we've started attracting interest from several third party companies looking to buy them from us.

This is great news and bodes well with our aspiration to eventually sell them and generate an income once we've squared off our costs, support and maintenance arrangements, etc.

The next step then in our process is to make a start on having them become a real-world products, not just prototypes. That means naming them, branding them, pricing them and more.

And it's naming them we'd really like your help with!

We'd like to avoid using the word "sign" as a nod back to the non-digital process it replaces and any valid option will need to have a domain name available, but I'll worry about that - you don't need to. And I'm claiming Signy McSignFace now before anyone else does! :)

If you've any genuine ideas though for what we might call these things in the outside world, please leave a comment.