We've branded our "Digi" series

Digi"NAME" is the format we ultimately settled on, giving us DigiBook, DigiDesk and DigiMeet so far.

Posted on 06 August 2019

DigiDesk v3 is alive!

Today we've completed the breadboard development of DigiDesk v3 and it works an absolute treat!

Posted on 24 July 2019

DigiDesk - the next iteration (v3)

Having received funding from the Commercial Investment Fund for our work on the DigiDesk solution, we're introducing some design changes to create a version 3.

Posted on 26 June 2019

We need your help!

I'm pleased to report that despite a few teething issues early doors, our new visitor sign in/out system is being well received ​

Posted on 02 April 2019

The Innovation Group and the Commercial Investment Fund

On Wednesday last week I attended the Commercial Investment Fund board with a view to securing some monies to progress three of our innovation group projects from prototype to product.

Posted on 21 January 2019

Iterating the desk buttons

At the innovation group, in anticipation of seeing results from the workforce mobilisation theme of our Digital First programme, we've been busily beavering away with our Desk Occupancy Monitors.

Posted on 09 October 2018

An update from the innovation group

Our desk occupancy monitor prototypes are built and ready to rollout after only three sessions putting them together.

Posted on 29 August 2018

Success at the Innovation Group

Our innovation group held it's first official hackday today and I'm pleased to say it went amazingly well and has already produced the makings of its first prototype.

Posted on 30 July 2018