Thank you to everyone who helped us name the first three prototypes that we produced in our Innovation Group.

This naming format ties in nicely with our Digital First initiative and gives us a nice model to follow in the future. We're already working on a DigiSafe prototype and there are other ideas in the pipeline that suit too.

That said, we set our friendly neighbourhood web designer Aidan Minton (who happens to be a qualified Graphic Designer) to work creating a branding proposal around the "Digi" concept and here are the results:

DigiBook branding

DigiDesk branding

DigiMeet branding

The beauty of the concept here is that we can simply change the colour and element to suit any new prototype we develop without needing hours of work to produce a new brand each time.

We're looking next into the possibility of registering a trademark around the naming convention and securing domain names for any marketing / sales websites we might associate with them.

Onwards and upwards!